Looking for multiple places to explore in New Jersey? We have some you can check out. These locations are great for day trips and exploring all the different areas and landscapes that New Jersey has to offer.

Mt. Tammany – Delaware Water Gap

One of the more popular hikes in New Jersey, Mt. Tammany is located in the northwest region of the state. Due to the area being in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, it will be open to the public this weekend. Click here for hiking tips.

Sandy Hook & Gateway National Recreation Area

Another popular place to visit in the state, but on the coastal side, is Sandy Hook and Gateway National Recreation Area. You can explore the beaches, the Sandy Hook Light (oldest operating lighthouse in America), and wildlife. Check for hours of operation and also be sure to check our local guide when visiting.

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Another great place to visit in the state is the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. With tranquil wildlife observation areas and intricate boardwalks through the swamp, you can make a full day of hiking and biking in this park, located in the center of the state.

Morristown National Historic Park

A great historical area, not only of New Jersey but of the Nation, is Morristown. Located in north central Jersey, Morristown is a hustle and bustle area during the work week, but a great place to visit on the weekend to learn about our Nation’s history. With George Washington Headquarters, Jockey Hollow, and so much more you can make a full day of the area.

New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve

Looking to escape into the woods and discover new spots in New Jersey? The Pinelands National Reserve is a perfect place for you to visit. Located in the southern region of the state, the Pinelands offers a great escape from the traffic of the Parkway and the sounds of people. With several options to off-road, canoe, hike, and bike, there is something waiting for you there!


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