So if you have heard in the last few weeks, we have a significant event happening in the sky on August 21, 2017. We will have a full Solar Eclipse across the nation that can be viewed by millions. It is the first of it’s kind in over 100 years! So being ready to photograph it with you high-end DSLR or even your everyday smartphone is a must! Here are some tips that NASA has provided to witness and capture this phenomenon safely.

Use Hashtag: #NJspotsEclipse


5 Tips to Photograph The Solar Eclipse in New Jersey

  1. Safety First – To take pictures of the Sun, you will need a solar filter to protect your camera lens, similar to sunglasses for your eyes. This is important so you don’t damage your camera. However, during the Eclipse when the Moon is completely blocking the sun, be sure to remove it. Having a tripod will also help take still photos, especially if you have a delayed shutter release timer on.
  2. Any Camera Will Work – If you don’t have a high-end DSLR not to worry! You can still capture the transformation in the sky with your smartphone, after all the image is the one you envision and capture. If you don’t have a telephoto lens for your DSLR, use a landscape lens to capture the environment around you instead.
  3. Look Everywhere – Everyone’s eyes will be on the Sun and Moon, but while the event is taking place, be sure to look around you. Your environment will look very eerie at some points and there will be long shadows across the land. Another tip that NASA Photographer Bill Ingalls recommends is taking pictures of the people around you and their expressions while witnessing this event.
  4. Practice – Knowing the settings and proper way to use your camera before the event is important. Using your exposure settings (yes, even you smartphone has that!) will be most helpful during the Eclipse. For DSLR cameras, know the right aperture and shutter speeds are important.
  5. Share Your Photos – Be sure to share your photos across social media using the hashtag #Eclipse2017 and #NJspotsEclipse.

Use Hashtag #NJspotsEclipse

For more resources and tips see the links below to the NASA website for further details about the Eclipse:


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