Happy New Year! It’s time to celebrate the some of the best shots that you all shared with us in 2017! Below we have a collection of the best spots people shared with us in 2017 using the tag #NJspots on Instagram. As always, we LOVED all of the great photos the community took throughout New Jersey all year long. We look forward to seeing what everyone has in store for 2018. Keep tagging your #NJspots and happy exploring!

9. Ocean City, New Jersey – Taken by @kurthartwell

8. Cape May, New Jersey – Taken by @adam_brockett

7. Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey – Taken by @justindanielnungesser

6. Fort Lee, New Jersey – Taken by @galgidget

5. Ocean Grove, New Jersey – Taken by @angry.johnny

4. Belmar, New Jersey – Taken by @akchuangphotography

3. Vernon, New Jersey – Taken by @quinnziggy

2. Mount Tammany, New Jersey – Taken by @buewho

1. Lambertville, New Jersey – Taken by @tracigrauer

Those are your TOP 9 Photos from around New Jersey for 2017. All these photos were tagged with #NJspots on Instagram. Keep on tagging and have fun exploring New Jersey in 2018!


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