We Want to Feature YOUR Business On Our New NJspots App

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get our new app off the ground, after our maps were a HUGE hit on our website with thousands of visitors in the first month. But our app won’t just be for adventure or outdoor spots — we’ll also be featuring businesses!

After launching our successful NJspots Maps, we have the goal to create an easier way to explore New Jersey from your phone! The NJspots App (it will be free!) would allow users to take their favorite spots and discover new ones on the go. Highlighting your business in your area would be a great chance to get exposure to new customers using the NJspots App.

Our Audience

59% Female / 41% Male
53% Between Ages 18-34

With the NJspots App Kickstarter Campaign, we have plenty of ways to get exposure for your business. There are three ways our new Kickstarter campaign aims to highlight your business and get it out there for our Instagram community to explore:

1. Feature Your Business On Instagram

Want to get your name out there into the Instagram world? With this reward, you can invite the NJspots Team to come to your business to feature you on Instagram (over 32,000 followers!) and show off your place!

Whether you’re a food spot, brewery, axe-throwing, attraction, or store, we can come by! We’ll show off your business through our Instagram story and also have a featured post tagging you on our feed!

2. Host a Meetup Event at Your Business

We here at NJspots love to get together with our community members, so we host meetups every season (our last one was at the amazing Duke Farms). So if you’re looking to give your business an Instagram boost and gain some loyalty, this is the reward for you.

We typically have 20-40 attendees at our meetups that will share and shout out your business across their social media accounts when we get there, as we love to take photos! And like the last reward, we’ll show off your business through our Instagram story, and have a featured post tagging you on our feed.

This reward includes:

  • NJspots Meetup at your Business
  • Featured Post on NJspots Instagram (Over 32,000 followers!)
  • Instagram Story Shoutout

3. Your Business on the NJspots App

Get Unlimited Advertising on the NJspots App for 2 Years! Want to be seen on the NJspots App every time people are searching your area? Get your business seen on the map with a custom spot. You will be able to provide a link to your website, photos, and information for your place of business, too.

This Kickstarter reward is perfect for restaurants near popular spots, bars in busy areas, boardwalk spots, breweries, and more.

This reward includes: 

  • Your Business on the App
  • Featured Post on NJspots Instagram (Over 32,000 followers!)
  • Instagram Story Shoutout

Whether you want to rise to Instagram fame in New Jersey or solidify your business as a must-see spot throughout New Jersey. Back the NJspots App Kickstarter campaign and get your business a spot on the app!




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