Photo Challenge: #NJspotsUrban - Urban Photos in New Jersey

Photo Challenge: #NJspotsUrban

February 2017 - The #NJspots team is introducing our newest photo challenge for New Jersey photographers. We want to see the urban places and photos around the state. With two of the major cities on the opposite ends of our states, there are several urban locations to get creative with. All photos must be entered on Instagram and tagged with #NJspotsUrban.

Challenge Ends: March 15th

Prizes Available For Winners

We are going to be giving away prizes for the top photos. Some of the prizes include t-shirts, stickers, Pop Sockets, and more. Winners will be chosen by the #NJspots team based on creativity, composition, location, etc.

More Tags = More Chances To Win

Keeping tagging your creative photos on Instagram during the challenge period for a higher chance to be selected. We will be sharing some of our favorites along the way, but continue to tag to be entered for the top prize.

Update 3/16/17:

We have selected our winners for the #NJspotsUrban challenge. Congrats goes to @chasinviews our grand prize winner with his photo of the George Washington Bridge at night.

Also congrats goes out to our runner up winners:

- - Ellis Island
- @mzeketv - Wellington, NJ Junk Yard
- @jj.bowen - Statue of Liberty

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