Where It All Began…New Jersey

Established in 2015, Instagram user Virginia Buechel, aka @buewho wanted to start sharing the beautiful places around her home state of New Jersey. She had followed many other accounts around the country that combined beautiful photography and explorations around different regions. She wanted to create a display of spots around New Jersey that would break through stereotypes and also encourage others to share their own spots. Thus #NJspots Instagram account was born.

“I thought about how people outside of New Jersey view our state, as the ‘armpit of America’ or only have the vision of the Jersey Shore to represent our residents. But I wanted to change that and get a collection of photos and places that others can discover, explore, and share in New Jersey.”

– Virginia Buechel, Founder of #NJspots

Starting A Hashtag Trend – #NJspots

Throughout the months of starting the #NJspots hashtag was shared and tagged more and more every day. Now with over 182,000 tags (as of November 2017) on Instagram it is one of the most used hashtags in New Jersey. Wanting to share special spots and places, the tag took off and is used to share various parks, towns, monuments, and destinations throughout the state.

Joining Forces With Others

#NJspots is a community for Instagram users and photographers in New Jersey and it is important to us to continue to have close connections with our followers and other New Jersey hubs and local businesses. After all, we are all trying to share the beauty of this state with others, we want to do it together!

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