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The @NJspots Instagram page is continuing to grow with thousands of followers every month. We offer several types of advertising options for your business or organized events in and around New Jersey.

Who is our audience?

You may be wondering who our audience is and what the breakdown of types of followers we have. You can see below that many of our followers are the adventurous and active types. They like to see and visit places in and around the state. For up to date statistics, please contact us.

95% New Jersey Audience

Our audience mainly resides in NJ, around NYC, Jersey City, Toms River, Brick, & Philly.

Ages 25-35

Most of our audience is between the ages of 25-35, however we range from 18-55.

58% Female, 42% Male

Where do our followers come from?

You may be wondering where our thousands of followers are coming from and if they are real. Yes, they are very real. Unlike other big brands or accounts on Instagram we have not “bought” fake followers or joined a spam group to gain these numbers. Our founder, Virginia Buechel is a New Jersey native and started @NJspots in 2015. She made real connections. As a online marketing director she knows the importance of making real connections with real people. She can help strategize your best marketing options for your business, even if it doesn’t involve an Instagram strategy.

What are some advertising options?

We have several different options available for promoting your New Jersey business or event with the @NJspots community. We aim to show our audience the value in local businesses and events that are important to growing the community in New Jersey. We align ourselves with organizations with  Some of the promotion options we have are as follows:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Event Coverage
  • Other Creative Options

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