Team - Meet Our #NJspots Team

About Our Founder - Virginia Buechel (@buewho)

Virginia Buechel

Born and raised in New Jersey, Virginia (@buewho) grew up in the Northwest region of the state. Always describing her back yard as the “place where it snows when the of the state gets rain” she was always a fanatic of people in the mountains. An avid snowboarder and lover of the outdoors, especially hiking, Virginia is honored to be the founder of NJspots.

Started in July 2015 with the purpose of sharing the great places in New Jersey, Virginia set out to prove the stereotypes of Jersey wrong (or at least most of them!). She is thrilled to be able to continue to share all different corners of the state through the NJspots community and meet creative people along the way.

When I started NJspots in 2015, I wanted to share the great views and places in New Jersey. I wanted to show people there was more to the Garden State other than the I-95 Corridor. I am grateful to have so many great friends around me that I wouldn't have found, if it wasn't for the great NJspots community. - Virginia

Stefanie, Community Director - @stef_livs

A New Jersey native, Stefanie (@stef_livs) has grown an appreciation and love for Instagram by connecting with new people in and around the state. An avid Dave Matthews fan, she has traveled around the east coast to see shows, but always finds comfort when she returns to the Garden State. With an appreciation for the outdoors and capturing them in photos, Stefanie has a great joy being the Community Director of NJspots organizing events & projects.

Christine, Instagram Moderator - @thehappilyeverafter

Christine Alba

Born and raised in New Jersey, Christine (@thehappilyeverafter) joined Instagram in 2012 as a place to post photos for a 365 photo project, never imagining it would become a place to meet and connect with people from all over the world. She likes to travel and explore places both near and far, and of course take photos along the way. Scenes in nature are her favorite subject to photograph and being part of the NJspots team has been a great source of inspiration for all the amazing places right here in New Jersey that she has yet to discover! She also likes to hike, bike, read, garden, cook and spend time with her family.

Mike, Facebook Moderator - @mikecordisco

Mike Cordisco

Mike (@mikecordisco) is a Rutgers alum born and raised in Cherry Hill, NJ who currently resides in Dallas, TX. Despite the move, he is is glad to rep the Garden State. Mike loves baseball, music, hiking, and traveling. His passion for photography developed while traveling to different ballparks and campgrounds across the country, as he always tried to find the "perfect shot" to document his travels. Now he enjoys just taking pictures of "cool stuff". Mike is excited to share fantastic photographs from around New Jersey on our Facebook page and is currently craving a Wawa hoagie. 

Abe, Editor & Instagram Moderator - @abetuachi

Abe Tuachi

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY photography has always been a passion of Abe. He originally planned to work as a photojournalist but found a love for the operating room. Once he found #NJspots things were never the same. He was encouraged to step out of his comfort zone and solo travel to explore mountain tops, countries, cities, and suburbs. He is excited to share his #NJspots posts with everyone, and cant wait to meet so many new people and hear their stories.

Ethan, Instagram Moderator & Content Creator - @e.wana_

Ethan Wanamaker

Ethan has only owned a camera for about a year now and has learned an incredible amount of knowledge from NJspots and Instagram communities! His favorite types of photography are long exposures and astrophotography. He is currently a senior at Bloomsburg University studying Business Management/Supply Chain Operations. Ethan joins us to help moderate our Instagram and also contribute to our blog for photo tips and guides.

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