Working with local business, organizations, charities, and more, NJspots is built on bringing the community together and helping support local. We have several partners that we work with exclusively on projects and products. Check them out below:

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NYNJTC – Blazing Our Local Trails

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a volunteer-powered organization that builds, maintains, and protects public trails. Together with our partners, we strive to ensure that the trails and natural areas we share are sustainable and accessible for all to enjoy for generations to come. The NJspots team is excited to work together with them for events, like meetup hikes, cleanup hikes, and more around the trails of New Jersey.

Come Together With Us & Donate To Keep The Trails Blazed!

Work Home – Home To Our Indoor Workshops

Work Home is a creative co-working space and art gallery based in Millburn, NJ. Stop commuting. Start Working. Get Stuff Done. Working with NJspots since late 2018, Work Home is a great creative space for working on smaller projects and hosting our workshops indoors. If you are looking for a change of pace or scenery to get work done, Work Home is a great place to go. At a low cost, you can drop in to get some real work done in a creative atmosphere.

Duke Farms – Loving Our Environment

Duke Farms is a leader in environmental stewardship and inspires visitors to become informed stewards of the land. It is a place of education, enjoyment and research that enhances the environmental health of the region. Through the beauty of its natural setting, the diversity of its wildlife, and the scope and quality of its educational programs, demonstrations and research, Duke Farms inspires people to transform their approach to conservation and to start building a more sustainable future. Working with NJspots since 2018, Duke Farms is an exclusive meeting spot for NJspots group gatherings.

OtterBox – Best Case For Your Phone

We are excited to partner with our friends at OtterBox since 2016. They have provided phone cases for our Instameets for giveaways and also giveaways for prizes on our Instagram account. We don’t trust any other brand to protect our phones on our Instagram and photography adventures. Check out the OtterBox product that is right for your phone. Also, they have some really cool coolers too!

GNARBOX – Photography Hardware

GNARBOX is a creative technology company based in Los Angeles. It’s backed by an active community of content creators and develops products and solutions to revolutionize the multimedia management experience. NJspots has worked with GNARBOX since 2017 and has continued to share their great hardware with passionate photographers in New Jersey.

Sticky Brand

Sticky Brand – Sticker Company

Working with small businesses that care about their customers is important to us. at NJspots, which is one of the many reasons we work with our friends at Sticky Brand. Exclusively producing our stickers beginning in May 2017, Sticky Brand is located in Vermont and has worked with some of the top of the line brands like Burton Snowboards. We are excited to pass out their awesome stickers they create for us.

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