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We are always looking for new contributors and those passionate about New Jersey to share their favorite places. If this sounds like something you would want to do. Be sure to contact us.


Virginia Buechel – Founder

Born and raised in New Jersey, Virginia (@buewho) grew up in the Northwest region of the state. Always describing her backyard as the “place where it snows when the of the state gets rain” she was always a fanatic of people in the mountains. An avid snowboarder and lover of the outdoors, especially hiking, Virginia is honored to be the founder of NJspots.

Abbey – Editor

Abbey (@abbeydufoe) (a Pennsylvania native, oops) has found many things about New Jersey that she loves — including standing front row at Starland Ballroom, playing hockey in a ton of new rinks, and hiking to as many waterfalls as possible, even if they end up being 2 feet tall.

Marlon – Instagram Moderator

Born and raised in New Jersey. Grew up in Hudson County. It wasn’t until working on high risers my passion for photography started developing. All the views that were so visually captivating I couldn’t help and keep taking pictures on my phone. I created an Instagram back in 2011 when I left off to school in Colorado and and never regretted it.

Mike – Instagram Moderator

Mike (@mikecordisco) is a Rutgers alum born and raised in Cherry Hill, NJ who currently resides in Dallas, TX. Despite the move, he is glad to rep the Garden State. Mike loves baseball, music, hiking, and traveling. His passion for photography developed while traveling to different ballparks and campgrounds across the country, as he always tried to find the “perfect shot” to document his travels.